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The Refuge

What is The Refuge?

A nonprofit organization functioning as an adult day center for individuals aged 18 and older with intellectual and/or physical disabilities. In their county and the surrounding counties, they've observed a gap in care options for these individuals when they age out of the public school system at 21. Without alternative care, these individuals, now technically adults, often return home indefinitely.

Their mission is to support families by establishing a secure and engaging environment where these adult children can utilize existing skills, acquire new ones, and, most importantly, rediscover purpose and meaning in their lives. This initiative not only benefits the individuals but also restores families by offering them the choice to return to work, improve their financial stability, or reconnect in ways that the demands of being a 24/7 caregiver might have restricted.

With a current enrollment of twelve participants, everyone is enjoying their time and forming connections as if they've known each other for a lifetime. The plan is to gradually increase the capacity to accommodate up to 20 participants, ranging from those requiring total care to those who are independent but in need of supervision.



Reach out to Brooke Crenshaw with questions at (601) 389-8059 or email at 

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