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Our Story

"Caring for children is a full-time job. 

This is true for all families but even more so for families with special needs children. Finding resources and information to help with their care, education, social needs, and medical needs can feel like a second, full time job. For many families, there is little time for much else between work and their children’s needs. Countless families are, in their words, in a constant state of survival. What would life be like if we could do more than survive, but actually thrive? Doesn’t God’s word promise abundant life?


There are many resources available at the local, state and national level, but there is not a direct path to connect families to these resources. The current system is fragmented at best. There are local groups positively impacting and supporting special needs families in the Meridian and surrounding areas; however, locating and connecting to these groups can be challenging. What would happen if these resources were connected? How many families could begin to thrive and live abundant lives?


This need to transition from survival to quality, abundant life was the catalyst for Candice, Ashlee, Julie, Holly, and Kevin. Through the fragmented special needs network, God’s hand worked to bring this group of parents together to share their individual visions for what an abundant life would mean for their families. Tom, a local pastor who has been involved with special needs ministry for over 30 years at the local and national level, offered his support and church as a haven for this new group of parents. There were so many threads of commonality in their visions that it became clear they were brought together for a purpose: to bring support and resources to their community and to help create a special place for the special needs community.


Together, they had the idea to develop a website to serve as a one-stop resource for parents and caregivers that lists local agencies, therapists, support groups, and other resources for their community. The website is tool to help any family, but does have an emphasis on supporting special needs families. In addition to the website, the group created a non-profit organization called The SPOT (Special Place for Others to Thrive) as a local gathering place for individuals and families.


And that is where this new adventure begins. . .

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