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Special Place for Others to Thrive

is an organization to bring together the fragmented community of special needs families through partnership with local churches, businesses and other local organizations. Our mission is to create a safe place for families to connect, serve and grow in their community.

The SPOT is a 501c(3)

organization founded by a group of parents with a shared mission – to give their special needs children and other families fun and safe experiences, to create a resource center “Hub” for the vast amount of information needed to care for the special needs community, and to establish a SPOT for all ages to gather for entertainment, education, and respite.


The ultimate goal of The SPOT

is to create a sustainable, reliable community for special needs families and to provide families with information on local, state, and national resources, so they can spend more time connecting with their loved ones and less time researching.

We have the expectation for The SPOT community

to have locations across the United States, and to become a national resource. Our goal is to document our journey while creating a reliable, sustainable organization that others can join and replicate in their towns for families in need.

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