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Special Needs/ Developmental Disabilities

What to do if you suspect something is different:


  1. Look at developmental milestones so you know what typical development looks like

  2. Talk with your child’s doctor as early as possible. 

  3. Collect Information and get help by asking about services in your area.


This link gives an overview of the “first steps” once a child has a diagnosis.

This website outlines the steps to take and resources for assistance from birth to age 5. It also outlines by age when to apply for certain assistance and programs (i.e. getting a diagnosis and applying for early intervention, applying to preschool, etc.) Click the link below to see the outline of initial steps. Click the tabs on the left of the web page to see steps by based on child’s age




Cerebral Palsy        


Hypoxic Ischemia


Down Syndrome State: 

Down Syndrome National: 

  • NDSS

  • NDS Center

    • Although the New Parent Guide, published by the Central MS Down Syndrome Society, is a guide focused on Down Syndrome, it contains extensive lists of resources and guidance that is applicable to all children born with disabilities.  


Special Needs Support at Church

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