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Ashlee's Story

In Her Own Words

My name is Ashlee Porter. I am married to my husband, Londy J. Porter, and we have two beautiful children, Liam and Rohan. I was introduced to the special needs community through my handsome, amazing, and witty oldest child, Liam. We began to see differences in his abilities which led us to seek testing. Eventually, the road to diagnose a sensory processing disorder evolved into an autism diagnosis when he was three. It has been a whirlwind of emotions, therapy visits, and accommodating our newfound reality. But, our new reality also brought a desire and determination to make sure he receives the help, love, and support that he needs to prosper. Through this journey, I have learned so much about my son and have learned to see the world through his eyes. He has taught us love, happiness, and, at times, frustration. It has become our goal and mission, to not only make sure his needs are met and that he can be happy and prosper, but to help the many families just like ours. We strive to share our insights, support, and knowledge of services to those that need it most during their own journey.

“To advocate for those without a voice and to lift the weary who feel the weight of this new life and its many challenges.”
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